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Business Agility transforms organizations and brings countless benefits. Better ways of working — including improved collaboration and communication — benefit the organization in a myriad of ways. Faster time to market and increased customer delight improve the bottom line. Overall, it enables companies to pivot more rapidly, efficiently, and effectively in response to market changes. It’s the best way to future-proof your business. And if you think your company is already agile (enough), think again. An organization’s level of Agility waxes and wanes over time — it requires cultivation. So how can you begin or optimize your Agile journey?

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Learn 5 Steps to Start an Agile Business Transformation

Stacey Louie, CEO and Enterprise Agile Coach at Hyperdrive, has nearly 15 years of experience in architecting and delivering organizational transformations at Fortune 100 companies. In working with organizations around the globe, he’s identified five key things you need to do to be a successful transformation catalyst.

First: Start with you

You’re the change agent. Without you, nothing else is going to change. So embrace that.

As a change agent, take the responsibility to begin- identifying changes needed in your organization. Then look for challenges to solve with Agility.

Don’t worry about waiting for permission. You’ve got to take it on your own.

And don’t just hand it off to your direct reports.

Take accountability. Make the change. You can do it.

Getting started can be the hardest part. If you’d like help with this step, Hyperdrive is here for you!

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Hyperdrive Agile is a global leader in developing Business Agility. We go beyond teaching a method; we cultivate Agile mindsets, practices, and cultures that help people and organizations perform better. We'd love to show you how Business Agility can benefit your company's bottom line.

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We help companies of all sizes form better ways of working that improve their bottom lines.

Second: Go big or start small?

So, you want to make a change. Yes, you want to make this big organizational shift, and that’s great.

But first, consider this: Start thinking about how you can accelerate your employees’ learning, momentum, and excitement by making incremental changes.

Instead of a big plan, think about some of the things you’re able to do in the organization to help create momentum so that people start developing an appetite for change.

This is going to make the work exciting. And it will give you successes to build on, change after change.

Third: Make change a habit

This means that once you finish your first project, start your second project or your second change. And then begin your third change.

Make this a repeatable process. Make this a habit and build it into your everyday life. Know that once you develop this momentum and it continues to accelerate, other people are going to get just as excited about change as you are.

Fourth: Measure the results

So, you’ve got all these changes going on. Great, but without measuring the results, how do you identify whether you are successful or not?

How can you show the old state versus the present state, and potentially what’s the future state?

Think about how you would measure results and communicate to others how they help your business grow.

Fifth: Share your wins

As soon as you start making some changes, don’t be afraid to bring these changes up in your next group meeting or to have a conversation with your manager about them.

As you’re socializing ideas about change itself and the benefits of change, your results will illustrate how the company can benefit from the changes you’re implementing.

Keep socializing it and make it exciting. Keep it positive.

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Private Agile training courses are perfect for teams to get more dedicated attention from instructors. Hyperdrive Agile's private sessions enable teams to dive into company-specific examples and work through personalized challenges.


Whether you are just getting started with Agile or learning how to apply Agile practices to an entire enterprise, our consulting services are the key to creating a successful, people-centered enterprise organization that is both effective and sustainable.


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